Daily data point

Daily data point is a blog with data-driven commentary about the financial services industry. Written by members of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Financial Services Briefing team, it features data and charts that capture the latest trends in finance, drawing on sources from around the world, not least the forecasts produced by the EIU. Its scope is global, with a particular emphasis on banks, insurers, asset managers and exchanges.

Financial Services Briefing

Financial Services Briefing is a division of the Economist Intelligence Unit that provides daily news analysis and forecasts for the financial services industry. Harnessing the expertise of 700 analysts and economists around the world, it publishes reports on financial services in 60 countries and on over 50 important companies in the financial services sector. Subscribers to Financial Services Briefing also enjoy access to an interactive data tool that allows for cross-country analysis of hundreds of indicators, and contains nearly two decades of historical data and regularly updated five-year forecasts. For a free trial, please complete this form.

Economist Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the world’s foremost provider of country, industry and management analysis. Founded in 1946 when a director of intelligence was appointed to serve The Economist, the EIU is now a leading research and advisory firm with more than 40 offices worldwide. For over 60 years, the EIU has delivered vital business intelligence to influential decision-makers around the world. Its extensive international reach and unfettered independence make it the most trusted and valuable resource for international companies, financial institutions, universities and government agencies.


Jason Karaian
Senior Editor, Financial Services